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Love Me Right -- Part 1

A little crossover I've had in the works since, like, October. Finally posting. (And yes, this is my first post here. xD)

Title of story: Love Me Right -- Part 1
Pairing: I won't give it away... ;)
Rating: Uhmmm... R, for language and some suggestive comments.
Setting: New Jersey -- December 10th/11th, 1989
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rock stars within the following story.... If I did, then, well... I wouldn't be talking to you right now. ;D
Warnings: Uhmmm... Lot's of F-bombs, big hair, and brattish-ness. xD
A/N: This fic was inspired by this video. :)

X-posted over at kiss_slash . :D

"When was the last time you played 'Jailhouse Rock', Sixx?" Ace Frehley teased, elbowing the bass player in the side as they made their way down to the hotel dining room for a holiday celebration with the others. "It goes like this, stupid." He mimed the proper note pattern with his fingers and stuck his tongue out in an I'm-smarter-than-you manner, prompting Nikki to flip him the bird.
    "Fuck off, Frehley," he replied with a laugh. "I'm the bass player here." The guitarist waggled his finger at him as if he were a bad dog.

    "Watch your mouth, Sixx," Ace reprimanded, giving him a playful shove. "And mind your fucking elders!"

    "Oh, I'm so afraid," Sixx replied, shaking in mock-fear. "You're what... five years older than I am?"

    "Seven," Frehley replied defiantly, crossing his arms over his chest with a grin. "And I could kick your fuckin' ass if I wanted to!"

    "Ooh," Nikki pretended to cower, "You really are trouble walkin'..." He playfully punched the guitarist in the arm. "Pick on somebody your own size, man!"

    "But you're so much fun to annoy!" Ace pretended to whine, shooting the bass player a wicked grin. As they approached the dining room, the two of them saw Sebastian Bach waiting eagerly in the doorway, bright-eyed and excited.

    "C'mon, you guys!" he called with a wave of his hand. "We're gonna start without ya!!"

    "Go on ahead, Baz," Nikki replied. "We'll catch up."

    "No!" Ace called as Sebastian turned back to the dining room. "Don't leave me alone with Sixx!" He broke out in a fit of laughter as the bass player shot him a teasing glare. Baz rolled his eyes with a soft chuckle.

    "I love you guys," he replied, "I really do -- but you can be such morons sometimes, man..."

    "But we're your morons, Baz," Nikki replied with a grin, following Sebastian into the dining room, practivally dragging Frehley behind him.

    "Correction!" Ace said with a laugh, stopping in his tracks and pointing at Nikki and Sebastian. "You two are my morons!"

    "All three of you are morons!" they heard Vince Neil interject with a laugh. "Ah, Vince!" Ace chuckled, walking over and tousling the singer's hair as if he were a small child before taking a seat at the table next to him. "My little blondie!"
    "Hey!" Vince protested, ducking out from beneath the guitarist's hand. "Watch it!  D'you have any idea how long this hair took?" He pointed his fingers to his teased, bleached-blond hair.

    "Vince," Ace replied with a laugh, "If I know you as well as I think I do, it didn't take you very long at all..." The singer stuck his tongue out at the guitarist in an extremely child-like manner.

    "Shut the fuck up, Frehley," he responded. "Don't you talk to me about good hair."

    "Hey!" Sixx interjected, reaching to pet the guitar player's long, dark hair. "I think he's got beautiful hair!" He pronounced the word "beautiful" so that it came out sounding like "bee-yoo-tee-ful", which made Ace crack up laughing.

    "Good boy, Sixx," he responded, petting the bass player lightly on the top of the head like a puppy. "You get a treat later," he added with a wink. "So what're we waitin' for?" he asked to no one in particular. The party in the dining room consisted of Ace Frehley, Dimebag Darell, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee, Sebastian Bach, and unfortunately, for the sake of historical accuracy, Gordon Gerbert.

    "I propose a holiday toast!" Mick Mars interjected brightly.

    "So much for going sober for Dr. Feelgood, huh?" Ace chuckled in response.

    "Says the on-again/off-again alcoholic," Nikki shot back with a sly grin.

    "Fuck you, Sixx," Ace replied, laughing softly.

    "You only gotta tell me what position, man," the bass player teased with a wicked glint in his eye.

    "Shhhh," the guitarist whispered in a light, playful manner. "You're not supposed to tell people about that!" He looked at the bass player with a smile, acting as if the two of them shared some sort of secret.

    "Pssssst," Sebastian Back laughed in a loud mock-whisper. "Tell people about what...?"

    "Nothing," said Frehley, hushing the lead singer of Skid Row with a laugh. "I'll tell you when you're older."

    "Hey! I'm twenty-one, I'm old enough!"

    "You might be twenty-one," the guitarist replied, "but you're acting like you're five, so, uh... no." A pout quickly appeared on the singer's face as Ace laughed, tousling his hair before Mick continued with his proposed toast.

    "Here's to a great holiday," the Mötley guitarist chuckled, "and may we all keep kickin' ass though the nineties!"

    "But the nineties'll never rock as hard as the Seventies and the Eighties," Ace reminded them all with a laugh.

    "You got that right, brutha!" Baz replied with a huge grin, nudging the guitarist with his elbow and raising his glass in agreement.

    "The Seventies and Eighties weren't so great," a voice in the shadows spoke solemnly. Frehley put an exhasperated hand to his forehead as he quickly found out who the voice belonged to. "Shut up, Gerbert," he replied, turning to face Gordon. "The Seventies were the greatest years for rock 'n' roll, and the Eighties were amazing. So shut the fuck up, and stop ruinin' the fuckin' party!"

    "Fine," the weasly man spoke flatly. "I'm going to bed anyway." He stood up from the table abruptly and left, leaving the others blinking in confusion.

    "Dude," Dimebag Darell wondered out loud, speaking for the first time all night. "What's his problem?"

    "Don't worry about him, Dime," Ace replied, turning and rolling his eyes at Gerbert's retreating figure. "He's just a sourpuss who never learned how to have a good time..."

    "Hey, Frehley," Vince Neil inquired with a laugh, "How'd you even become friends with that guy, anyway? You two don't exactly seem like two peas in a pod to me."

    "Y'know," the guitarist replied with a chuckle,"I honestly don't remember... I can't have been sober when it happened, that's for sure..."

    "Psshaw," Tommy Lee scoffed, tossing his head back with a laugh. "Who needs him? Let's party!"


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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 9th, 2009 10:50 pm (UTC)
Tehe, thanks -- it's one of my favorite icons. :D

Yeah, I figured my characterization may have been a little off, though I meant for them to be playful and in high spirits, even though I know that Nikki is normally a dark, moody character. Hey, I always appreciate constructive criticism.

Mmm-hmm. Love "Starry Eyes". <3
Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:42 am (UTC)
Bit late on the commenting so sorry. I'm not really a Kiss fan, but I do love me some Motley Crue. And I saw that you liked constructive crit. So here goes. Vince was dead on and adorable I might add. Nikki's a funny guy, but his humor tends to have a bite to it. Mick has a really dry sense of humor, and also, he's a pretty quiet guy. Tommy was really good. Hope this helps. :) I like this. It's a fun story.
Apr. 23rd, 2009 02:47 pm (UTC)
Tehe, thanks for the constructive crit, always happy to receive!

And I've gotta be honest... I wrote this before I really got into Motley Crue, so I didn't really know what their personalities were like -- it was before I got to the stage where I was watching every interview I could find and such... I'll try a little harder on the next one to get 'em a little more dead on. ^^
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