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Love Me Right -- Part 2

Title of story: Love Me Right -- Part 2
Pairing: Sixx/Frehley
Rating: R-ish... for language, and SEX! xP
Setting: New Jersey -- December 10th/11th, 1989
Disclaimer: I am in no way personally affiliated with anyone mentioned within this fic. Nikki Sixx is © Kat Von D; Ace Frehley © Jeanette Frehley. :)
Still a lot of F-bombs, big hair, and brattish-ness... And smut. Lots of smut. ;) I've gotten a lot better at writing smut, at the request of my friends.
A/N: Vince Neil does NOT actually sleepwalk, as far as I know. That was added in for the enjoyment of my friend, Kassie.

X-Posted, as ever, over at kiss_slash .

    Several hours and a few drinks later, most of the party had gone off to bed; the only ones remaining in the dining room were Ace and Nikki. They has stayed there long after all of the others had left, talking about just about anything that came to their minds over the last few sips of champagne.

    "No way!" Ace laughing, giving the bassist a playful shove as the two of them debated who was a better vocalist. "Plant is miles better than Tyler, any day," he stated matter-of-factly, as if that was the end of the argument.

    "You're crazy," Sixx replied, dismissing the thought with a wave of his hand.

    "Yeah, well," the guitarist responded defiantly. "Nothin' matters when you're insane, man..."

    "Ha ha," Nikki responded with a hint of a smirk. "You're funny."

    "I try," the guitarist replied before a soft yawn escaped his lips. "What time is it anyway?" The bass player thought for a moment, then glanced up at the clock by the window. "A little after two," he replied. "Why?"

    Ace shrugged and chuckled softly. "I dunno," he responded. "Just figured I oughta get a little sleep tonight... I promised Baz that I'd go Christmas shopping with him tomorrow, and you know how tiring he is."

    "Awwwwwwwwww," Sixx mused with a teasing smile. "Isn't that sweet..."

    "Hey," Frehley said defensively with a grin. "He's a good kid... He's kinda like a little brother to me, y'know?"

    "Well," the bass player began, putting on his most effective pout as he stumbled over his words. "Wait a minute... then what... what am I?"

    "You're..." The guitarist thought for a moment, grinning slyly. "You're somethin', all right..."

    "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Sixx inquired curiously, his head cocked cutely to one side.

    "Well..." Ace replied, leaning in to place a soft kiss on the bassist's cheek. "We'll see." He got up from his chair and headed towards the elevator. "G'night, Sixx." Nikki remained in his own chair for a moment, mulling over the guitarist's words and actions all in his head, still slightly in shock. He had always known Frehley to be playful and flirtatious in nature, but had always instructed himself not to take it too seriously. But he still had to wonder...

    The bassist sighed under his breath as he got up and found himself walking towards the elevator. He wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do next, but he sure as hell wasn't going to bed just yet.

* * * * * 

The guitarist reawoke not much more than an hour later, and he dimly noticed an odd weight on top of him. Still too sleepy to actually open his eyes and investigate, he tried to think. As far as he could remember, he hadn't brought a chick up to bed with him... Well -- there had been that blonde backstage earlier, but he was pretty sure that he hadn't seen her since right after the show; he was pretty sure that she had run off with Tommy anyway... Then again, he was still a little hazy from the champagne he'd had earlier. But wait... he could swear that there was a faint sweet scent of roses, and... Jack Daniel's... Sixx...?

    Ace opened his eyes, eyelids fluttering slightly, to find -- lo and behold -- the bass player on top of him, straddling his hips, and a soft smile spread across the younger man's face when he saw that the guitarist had woken up.

    "You came," Ace whispered drowsily, placing a gentle hand on Nikki's chest.

    "What can I say," Sixx replied, rubbing his hand along the guitarist's thigh, revelling in the soft shudders he produced. "I read the signs."

    "Good boy, Sixx," Ace said with a smile, and he pulled himself up into a sitting position. He ran his hands up and down the bass player's back, and pressed his lips softly against Nikki's with a groan. Sixx wasted no time in teasing the guitarist, sliding his tongue between Ace's soft pouted lips. All of a sudden, the older man gasped, pulling his lips away, but before he could say anything, Nikki cut him off.

    "Don't you worry, mon petite ami," the bass player replied with a chuckle. "I locked the door."

    "Oh, thank God," the guitarist breathed, his body relaxing once more.

    "You are so cute when you're paranoid," Sixx mused playfully, entangling his fingers in the older man's hair. "You know that, Frehley?"

    "Well..." Ace began modestly with a smile, a pretty blush beginning to surface on his pale cheeks.

    "Don't you get cocky with me now, Frehley," Nikki replied, trailing a gentle finger along the guitarist's jawline, his skin soft and warm to the touch.

    "Well, then," Ace responded with a smile, "What do you propose I do then?"

    "Well..." Sixx teased, lightly fingering the zipper of Frehley's skintight leather pants, a smile crossing his face as he felt the leather constrict slightly, straining against the guitarist's growing hard-on. "We might think about getting rid of these clothes... They're much too confining." Ace laid back on the bed, speading his arms out and playfully blowing a kiss to the bass player. "Have at it, Sixx," he teased, arching his back and raising his hips.

    "Oh, you're a tease, Frehley," Nikki groaned, his eyes quickly surveying the guitarist's slender body beneath him.

    "I know you are, but what am I?" Ace cackled brightly, raising his eyebrows inquisitively.

    The younger man pursed his lips into a smirk before moving to pull the guitarist's Mighty Mouse tee-shirt over his head and tossing it onto the floor, leaving him naked to the waist. He kissed his lover passionately, briefly passing his hands over Ace's chest before going to strip him of his pants.

    "Whoa, Sixx," Frehley interjected, taking hold of Nikki's wandering hands. "How is it that you're wearing more clothes than I am?"

    "I dunno," the bassist replied, his mouth gently tracing down the guitarist's chest. "Maybe you should fix that."

    "With pleasure," Ace replied, hands moving to pull off Nikki's Harley Davidson tee-shirt, being careful not to ruin the bass player's perfect gravity-defying hair in the process. His fingers next went for the laces at Sixx's waist, but he then paused as an idea popped into his head. His lips kissed a gentle path down Nikki's chest before he went to tug at the laces with his teeth. The bass player groaned softly as the guitarist quickly undid the laces and pulled the leather pants down over his hips, kicking them off onto the floor.

    "Now it's my turn," Sixx whispered seductively, pushing Ace back down onto the bed and kissing him lustfully as his hands went back to his waist, first teasingly rubbing his hands all over the older man's legs, particularly his thighs, and Frehley moaned softly against the bass player's lips. Slipping his tongue in the guitarist's mouth, Nikki reached for the zipper at the fron of his pants, fingers lingering on his crotch; his touch was light and gentle, yet in response, great shuddering moans escaped Ace's lips. Quick as a flash, the skintight leather pants were off with a sigh of relief, the bass player's hand still stroking against his lap.

    "Oh god, Sixx!" Frehley gasped as Nikki squeezed, and he tipped his head back, eyes closed, his chest rising and falling with each deep breath. He pushed himself against the bass player's hand with a soft groan, and Nikki smiled as he watched the guitarist getting off on him. One hand entangled itself in Sixx's black hair while the other tightly clutched the sheets beneath him. Ace tugged at the younger man's hair, gently at first, then wrapping it around his fingers and pulling hard, causing Nikki to gasp in pain, yet Frehley could still feel the bass player growing stiff against him.

    "Masochist," he snickered with a grin, raising his eyebrows seductively.

    "Takes one to know one," Sixx teased before squeezing hard, and the guitarist bit down on his bottom lip so as not to make a noise, feeling his body tense up as he came with a throaty groan of relief. Ace laid back against the pillows, his breathing labored as the bassist continued to tease, licking the guitarist's sweetness from his fingers, prompting him to groan and close his eyes at the sight. Frehley leaned in to kiss Sixx hard, tasting his own sweetness upon his lips.

    "I've only yet begun with you, Frehley," the bass player whispered softly in the guitarist's ear. Ace moaned as Nikki's warm breath caressed his skin, and tipped his head back as Sixx caressed the guitarist's earlobe with his tongue, lightly sucking and biting at it, provoking low moans to escape Ace's lips.

    "You like that, don't you, babe?" the bass player teased some more, before suddenly hooking his leg around the older man's waist, pulling him abruptly into his lap.

    "Oh god, Sixx," the guitarist groaned, breathing hard as Nikki's mouth bit and kissed along his neck, teeth gently scraping against the pale skin.

    "What's the magic word, baby?" he asked, his mouth still on Ace's neck, lightly sinking his teeth into the soft flesh.

    "Please, Sixx!" the guitarist begged, and with a smirk and a quick thrust of Nikki's hips, he took the bass player's stiff member inside, letting out a wail, pain coursing through him from the sudden intrusion, as Sixx pressed himself against him. Nikki pushed him forward so that he was lying flat on his stomach on the bed, and trailed his string-torn fingertips down Ace's back before going to push into him again, harder this time, delighting in the older man's moans of mixed pleasure and pain, taking them as an invitation to continue. In and out, in and out, barely allowing the guitarist time to adjust. But the bassist knew he fucking loved it.

    "I'm not hurting you, am I?" Sixx breathed into the guitarist's ear, his mouth tracing along the back of Ace's neck. The guitarist shuddered hard and shook his head with a breathless groan. "Oh," the bass player mused in response to Frehley's response. "Tsk, tsk, tsk... then I'm not doing my job properly..." He then proceeded to thrust his hips into the guitarist as hard as he possibly could, and Ace gasped through clenched teeth, biting down on his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood as Nikki's body tensed up and collapsed against him, emptying his hot, sticky seed within the older man, and the guitarist was soon to follow, the pain and pressure that built up inside him having become just too much.

    Sixx rolled over onto his back and pulled the guitarist into his arms, fingers gently stroking through his hair as he pulled the sheets up over their bodies. Panting softly and wiping the sweat from his forehead, Ace leaned his head on the bass player's chest, sighing softly as he nuzzled the soft skin with his cheek, and slowly becoming entranced by Sixx's steady rhythmic pulse.

    "That was amazing, Nikki," he sighed, and a smile crossed the bass player's face.

    "Oh my god," he laughed. "It's a first! You actually called me by my first name!"

    "Well," the guitarist replied with a chuckle. "We bonded. So I think that makes us close enough to be on a first-name basis."

    "Well, yeah," Sixx retorted. "We're lying here with you fucking naked in my arms, so I'll say we bonded..." He laughed softly, but the light, playful mood was momentarily broken by a dull thud out in the hallway, sounding as if somebody had fallen on their ass outside the door.

    "What the fuck?" Frehley asked drowsily, looking up in the direction of the door, too exhausted to lift his head up more than a fraction of an inch.

    "Oh," Nikki began to explain with a groan and a shake of his head. "Vince." The guitarist raised his eyebrows in confusion as they heard another dull thud.

    "He's got a tendency to sleepwalk at night when he's had a little too much to drink... He must've had more champagne than I thought..."

    Ace snickered to himself at the thought. "That's my little blondie," he replied, shaking his head with a laugh.

    "Hey, wait a minute!" Nikki replied impatiently. "If he's your little blondie, then what the fuck am I? You never fuckin' told me!"

    Ace hesitated for a moment, then caught the bass player's mouth in a hot kiss, his tongue exploring the younger man's mouth in a passionate, loving way, and Nikki was practically purring into the guitarist's lips, soft groans radiating deep in his throat. When the two of them finally separated, the bass player looked at the older man, panting breathlessly.

    "You're my Sixx," Ace replied, finally answering Nikki's question. "And nobody's ever gonna change that."

    "Aw, Ace..." the bass player replied with a cute sigh, running his hands down the guitarist's bare back, snuggling him closer as they drifted off to sleep, the sun just beginning to come up over the horizon.</lj>


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