Old Rockers Don't Die ... They Just Have Sex With Each Other

Slashin' It Old Skool
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Welcome to the community created specifically for "mature" rocker slash fanfiction and the people who love it. All genres, all ratings, all bands are welcome, so long as one member of the pairing is a rocker over 40 years old. Let's face it, our boys are getting older. But that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the same hot, smutty, man-love to which they have become accustomed!

Membership is moderated. Due to mature content of some stories, you must be 18 to join this community. Before joining, please make sure your birthdate is posted on the user-info page of your journal to verify you are over age 18. See Live Journal FAQ #196.

WARNING: "Slash" in the context of this community means male/male relations, so if you don't approve, please don't join!

DISCLAIMER: This community is for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. All stories are wholly fictional. The persons and events described are not intended in any way to reflect reality or to suggest that the characters depicted have said or done any of the things described.


All stories must feature one or more rockers aged 40 or over. This means at least one member of the main pairing in the story must be a 40+ rocker (or about to turn 40). The story may be set in the past, i.e., before the rocker turned 40.

Each story should begin with a header containing the title; author; rating; band(s) and pairing(s); a warning if the story contains non-consensual sex, excessive violence, unusual or controversial fetishes, or character death; a disclaimer of some sort indicating that your story is a work of fiction for non-profit, entertainment purposes only; and optional author's comments or summary. Stories containing explicit adult language or material and/or stories rated R or higher must be posted as "Friends Only" and put behind an LJ-cut.

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